Art Based Training

At The Painted Sky, we leverage many Art forms, to deliver training programmes that meet diverse client objections and expected outcomes. The Art-Based modules work as both novel experiences for participants that move them out of comfort zones, as well as simulations of behaviours that help them understand, appreciate and link back to how they and others are at work. And expert debriefs conducted by experienced and qualified facilitators, help participants connect the dots - fully comprehend and context what they did and what it means. The facilitators lead the conversations through Socratic Questions that help explore complex ideas, get to the truth of things, open up issues and problems, uncover assumptions, analyse concepts, distinguish what is known from what is not, and follow out logical implications of thought to actions.


Painting activity help participants collaborate, communicate and co-create. They work with abstract ideas and figure out how to give shape to them on canvas, through the process of introspection, ideation, communication, negotiation and finally execution. The Painting activities help them Observe better, Listen more effectively, Connect and Context their environment with deeper empathy, and Interpret the world to make greater sense and come up with new ideas and solutions. The act of Painting itself is cathartic for many and act as great outlets for stress relief and self-expression.

Approach : The Painted Sky's Five-Step approach that helps participants journey from Introspection to Execution and Assessment.

Application : Painting modules are effectively used in diverse programmes dealing with Creativity and Innovation, Collaboration & Team-Building, Influencing, Vision & Values Creation, Change Management, Resolving Conflicts and others.


Theatre is an incredibly powerful tool that works at multiple levels to allow participants the necessary intellectual and spatial stimuli to express their thoughts, feelings, ideas and needs to audiences. Through Theatre-Based activities, participants can explore what holds them back, and identify how to break out of moulds and safety zones to embrace new alternatives and options in life and at work. Theatre-Based programmes are conducted by certified facilitators who bring with them many years of experience that help them control and direct the activities towards the desired outcomes. Participants discover more about themselves, their personalities, their bodies and their minds as they work with each other on a wonderful journey of discovery and expression.

 Approach : The Painted Sky's facilitators are certified and experienced in various schools of Theatre that include:

   1. Theatre of the Oppressed.

   2. Forum Theatre

   3. Psychodrama and Sociodrama.

   4. Improve Theatre

Application : Theatre-Based approaches work wonderfully in helping participants explore their Emotional Intelligence, and in Resolving Conflict, Collaboration & Team-Building, Influencing, Stakeholder Management, Change Management, Developing Diversity and Inclusion, Induction programmes, among others.

3D Modelling

Thinking in 3D is a fascinating journey of liberation and experimentation for participants, who work in groups to find ways in which they can represent their ideas as a Prototype. The Modelling process is brilliant in simplicity and remarkable in application, and gives each individual new ways to express their ideas and showcase their creativity. Participants are freed from thinking and expressing on paper, in 2D and are surprised by their own capabilities when they see their ideas take shape and get built, ground up. It is a journey of empowerment and developing self-belief, and participants walk away with unmatched feelings of pride and achievement and confidence in their skills and abilities to find solutions to problems.

Approach : The Painted Sky uses an open-ended approach where participants create 3D Models or Prototypes that show their ideas as the end product or solution.

Application : This approach is used very effectively in programmes that deal with Creativity & Innovation, Creative Problem Solving, Vision & Values Creation and others, where participants need to showcase an end state as the outcome of their brainstorming processes.


Science all but confirms that humans are hard-wired to respond to music. At The Painted Sky, through our partnership with Harmonica Huddle, we have created exciting programmes that leverage the power of Music and the impact of the response, to drive learning objectives. Through expert facilitation by one of India's finest blues harp players, participants overcome belief barriers and learn how to play a musical instrument, and focus and experience positive values like never before. The journey itself is a practical lesson on re-skilling and achieving ones true potential in new areas. The programmes are designed to ensure that the Music module seamlessly fits into the larger learning agendas and deliver on the deeper objectives of the programme.

Approach : The Painted Sky brings the unique Harmonica Huddle method which takes participants on a journey of self-discovery, confidence-building, team-work and expression.

Application : The Harmonica Huddle approach focuses on values that revolve around three critical and universal aspects of team dynamics - Communication, Collaboration and Creativity. This approach lends itself well in programmes that cover the above, as well as help participants understand how to Resolve Conflicts and Manage Change and Disruption.

The Painted Sky engages participants in deep, soul-searching journeys that reinforce their Beliefs and Values, and deliver on multiple Learning Outcomes through the Power of the Arts. Along with the above approaches, we also use Story-Telling, Visual Thinking, Lego Serious Play and MAPPS (in collaboration with Trivioquadrivio Italy) to deliver the promise of unique, experiential and high-impact training programmes.