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Schumpeter in The Economist – Business leaders would benefit from studying great writers
Schumpeter is among the finest writers we have in this space. And he hits the nail on the head, that so-called “Outbound” team-building and ideation programmes do not work. What leaders and managers need are more ways to introspect, appreciate the self and internal working of the minds and hearts – their own, their colleagues’ and their organisation’s. As he puts it, “It is time to replace this rite of ...
Modispeak at NYC!
Mr.Narendra Modi’s speech yesterday at the Madison Square Garden is easily among his most powerful ones. And makes for a fascinating study in how to make an Audience-Centric and Outcome-Driven presentation. Sans the PowerPoint of course. An exercise in Handling Audiences Mr.Modi addressed 18000 NRIs at the Garden. His fans who are completely enamoured by his ethos, image and style.
When it rains in Goa…
We were in Goa recently for a three day programme for HR leaders of a leading Consulting firm. Called “EnVision”, the programme was an exploration of the new set of Values the HR organisation is adapting to, and on the Changes needed to incorporate the same. And it poured! This was monsoon in Goa, and we were stuck inside the Vivanta Fort Aguada hotel for three days.
Visual. Messaging that is Memorable
The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines ‘Visual’ as an adjective that is “relating to seeing or to the eyes”. Clearly, Visual Messaging is the most powerful way to communicate in our cluttered and crowded world. As various studies show, our attention span is down to less than 10 seconds to get a message, and over 90% of respondents remember what they see and do, as against what they hear. So, this is ...
The Voice – the Sins and the Tools
Watched Julian Treasure’s wonderful TED talk on the use of the voice recently. The only instrument that, as he rightly points out, “can start a war or say “I love you””. Julian Treasure’s seven behaviours to avoid while speaking. Treasure speaks on “How to speak so that people want to listen”, in this TED Talk filmed in February 2013.
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