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Many Countries, Many Clients…

With a growing list of over 100 clients, across industries and geographies, The Painted Sky continues to be the preferred partner for innovative training solutions and high-impact delivery. We have clients in 9 countries where we have run our programmes, and cover over 60 of the Fortune 100 companies. In the last six months, we have worked with companies like


Kind words and endorsements have flowed in…

“The Art activities demonstrate and make people learn…People take a message much better and remember much more and they apply the learnings much better. Learning through experience is far better than trying to pick up the same learning through slides and lectures. We all know the virtues and the requirements for a certain role, but artistic expression through such activities allows us to experience and internalize those virtues and the learnings last far longer.”

~ Dr. Dr. Manish Parswani
TechMahindra, Bangalore


“The Painted Sky is a terriffic initiative. What is as important is not only what you appreciate with your mind, but how much fire, passion, and wiasdom it generates in your being. Well done.”

~ Prof.Nishi Mukerji
Professor, Asian Institute of Management, Manila

“The objective of this course was amazing .. Well done .”

~ Rami Abu Jaber
Viva Telecom, Kuwait

“…it was really nice to meet you and to be in one of your workshops.”

~ Refik Naccur
Viva Telecom, Kuwait

“What I particularly liked about the program was that everyone remained engaged throughout the 2 days. This despite people’s inadequacies (including self) with painting etc. This is testimony to an art-based approach that keeps the learner hooked. The learning atmosphere was terrific! It was a free forum, non-threatening and FUN. Learning is accelerated when one enjoys the process and this certainly was the case with the program. The modules that incorporated theatre were splendid. In general, all activities reinforced the message that people had a creative bone in them – if anything, we need to get more ‘aware’ of our creative dimension and start using it more proactively and consciously. It was heartening to see a program devoid of the ubiquitous ‘powerpoint’… The activities and drills fostered greater engagement.” 

~ Abhinav Iyer
Wipro Technologies, Banglore

“Art based learning, as a methodology, is fairly new in India & Soni has done a great job in promoting this business. She worked with me on conducting a customized art based learning intervention for managers, focusing on team effectiveness & emotional intelligence. All aspects of work, from consulting to delivery, went off smoothly & the resuts were excellent. I am positive we will capitalize on this niche methodology once again soon.”

~ Rohit Iyer
Honeywell, Pune



“The session by The Painted Sky was incredible, insightful, fun-filled with a lot of learning, a highly recommended innovative training. To let go through the form of painting was really therapeutic and cathartic, post which the reflective discussion were truly a fantastic learning.”

~ Ranji David
TechMahindra, Bangalore

“I very much enjoyed having the opportunity of attending your workshop. It was great and fulfilling to the sense that I learned more of team building and got acquainted with my colleagues whom I am only meeting thru the lifts and office premises and got to know more about them. It was great getting to know everyone better and participation for every discussions and painting sessions is never been so much fun for me. I look forward to more workshop from you in the future. Have a very nice day, you have been a wonderful couple to us.”

~ Michael A.Aloc
Viva Telecom, Kuwait

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