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“We need diversity of thought in the world to face the new challenges.” – Tim Berner-Lee




Tools and Methods


In Her Own Right

Empowering Women Managers

A theatre-based advanced programme that makes high potential women managers confront and get comfortable with their reality, develop greater sense of self-respect and empowerment, focus on performance and break through barriers at work.

Activities, Exercises, Role Plays, Forum Theatre

2 days

Managing Millennials

Working & Winning with Gen Y-ers

A programme that looks at generational conflict at work, to reduce workplace friction and allow for retaining and developing Gen Y-ers. Using Painting and Theatre.

Painting, Exercises, Role Plays, Forum Theatre

2 days

Expand Your Canvas

Handling Cross- Cultural Diversity

A programme aimed at managers working in globalized environments, to help understand and appreciate differences and work with diversity

Painting, Theatre, Activities

2 days

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