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Forbes: Could An Executive Coach Help You Succeed In Business?
Forbes recently ran an excellent interview of Jody Michael, CEO of Jody Michael Associates by contributor Larry Myler, (MAY 24, 2016). I particularly love the comment “Great coaches don’t do the work; they hold their clients accountable to do the work for themselves. A coach is a catalyst for change.” Coaching is still in it’s infancy in India, and while the awareness of Executive Coaching as a powerful process of ...
HUFF: Surprising Insights From Interview with Zappos’ Training & Development Leader
        Heather Younger, Customer and Employee Experience Consultant, Author, Speaker I reached out to Rich after noticing that not only does he work for Zappos, but that he had an executive career in restaurants and also was a volunteer Incident Commander for the Civil Air Patrol. How cool is that! He works for Zappos, one the most admired companies for customer experience and culture, and fly’s planes? I had ...
Miles, Trane, and all that Jazz!
Fascinating. Davis and Trane, the greatest forces in music, and team dynamics. While using jazz as a metaphor for leadership and conflict management has become a cliche’, this is a huge piece on how it manifests. For the individuals, the group and the audience or the world outside. Firstly, it is interesting to note that Coltrane came back to play in Davis’ sextet after being slapped and punched by Davis.
Schumpeter in The Economist – Business leaders would benefit from studying great writers
Schumpeter is among the finest writers we have in this space. And he hits the nail on the head, that so-called “Outbound” team-building and ideation programmes do not work. What leaders and managers need are more ways to introspect, appreciate the self and internal working of the minds and hearts – their own, their colleagues’ and their organisation’s. As he puts it, “It is time to replace this rite of ...
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