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HUFF: Surprising Insights From Interview with Zappos’ Training & Development Leader
        Heather Younger,¬†Customer and Employee Experience Consultant, Author, Speaker I reached out to Rich after noticing that not only does he work for Zappos, but that he had an executive career in restaurants and also was a volunteer Incident Commander for the Civil Air Patrol. How cool is that! He works for Zappos, one the most admired companies for customer experience and culture, and fly’s planes? I had ...
Painting in the Training Room: Where Process Trumps Product
In almost all my programmes where we use Painting, be it for Influencing or Conflict Management, Collaboration or Managing Change, one factor is common – the participants’ worry about the Output. Most of my participants aren’t experts in Painting, most haven’t painted in years, maybe decades. Some have never painted in their life (at least the way we do it – all formal and proper, stretched canvases framed to perfection, easels ...
Teaching Empathy through Art
While researching for our upcoming publications on Art-Based Learnings, I came across this article about how students at the Weill Cornell Medical College get exposure to Arts to help them develop empathy and sensitivity: “Weill Cornell also has a longstanding Humanities and Medicine program that is designed to help students better understand patient experiences through literature, art, and music.
Our new profile document
Our new profile is updated on The file is large, but contains all that we can talk about. Do download. And yes, call us for more… The painted sky presentation 2013 14 from The Painted Sky  
HBR: If You Want Innovation, You Have to Invest in People
Truer words have rarely been said. Why is it that companies claim that People are their greatest assets and yet consider People Development such a cost and not an investment?…¬†If companies have to seriously consider moving up the value chain, they will have to get rid of the old sweat-shop thought-process and seriously look at this aspect… Sad, but true: “Unfortunately, employee education and training can be hard to sustain, because ...
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