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When it rains in Goa…

July 24th, 2014

We were in Goa recently for a three day programme for HR leaders of a leading Consulting firm. Called “EnVision”, the programme was an exploration of the new set of Values the HR organisation is adapting to, and on the Changes needed to incorporate the same.

And it poured! This was monsoon in Goa, and we were stuck inside the Vivanta Fort Aguada hotel for three days. But time flew, and through the programme was a huge success!

Using The Painted Sky’s powerful Art-Based methodologies, the programme allowed participants to explore their creative sides, dabbling with music and compositions, paints and canvasses, colours and brushes, that helped in developing their innovative thinking, creative expression and powers of articulation.

Arts play a fundamental role in the development of cognitive capacities, including perception, elaboration, problem solving, and creative thinking. Combining right-brain imagination with left-brain logic and analysis, these activities increase the capacity for breakthrough ideas and insights that lead to success.

The Painted Sky’s Five-Step approach to experiential learning leverages these tools to allow for Introspection, Ideation, Communication, Negotiation and Execution, leading participants on the journey of reviewing, reassessing and realigning realities and possibilities in the workplace.

The EnVision programme, which we run for Senior Leadership interventions that look to align Vision and Values, is completely experiential, focusing on learnings derived through activities, and simulations that are fun, insightful and high on impact. The programme allows participants to introspect, understand and appreciate realities and potentials, and helps them re-focus on their core values and their future. Through extensive use of metaphors, visual thinking tools and art-based approaches, the programme aims at developing creative and innovative thinking abilities in participants, and leverages the powerful “think with your hands” methodologies to stimulate and simulate creative thoughts and action.

On the first day, the team warmed up with activities that allowed them free spaces for Visual Representations and Interpretations, facilitated by Anirban.

Harmonica HuddleOn the second day, it was Harmonica Huddle with Vasudev Prabhu, where participants embarked on an experiential exploration that focused on enhancing team bonding and fostering corporate values through music. The participants learnt the rudiments of playing the harmonica, and graduated to playing simple tunes and then engaging in multiple customized activities using their newly acquired harmonica skills. This session had layers of implicit learning for participants involveing high degree of collaboration & bonding, improving communication and higher levels of empathy & self confidence.

Art-Go-RoundThis was followed by our signature Art-Go-Round painting activity, that focused on change, the need to prepare for change and how to facilitate the process of change better. This is powerful and deeply introspective activity that forced participants out of their comfort zones, and ensured sequential collaboration that helped bring down barriers, increased understanding and built on the theme that “the whole is greater than the sum of its 
parts”. Debrief discussions focused on the process of change, what can be done to improve and facilitate the same, where are possible risks and gaps and how the organization can gear up to handle the same.

ImprovThe third day was the finale, with an easy Improv Theatre activity, “Team Production”. This was great fun, with groups showcasing work scenarios where they felt they could bring about change, influence outcomes and build relationships better with key stakeholders by exhibiting each new value through skits. Each skit was discussed with the audience for key observations, reflections and takeaways. Alternative scenarios were discussed and possible improvements explored. With expert facilitation and Socratic Questioning, the fun activity brought out new meaning and powerful outcomes for the group.

At the end of the day, participants walked away feeling energized, positively reinforced, grounded and focused, and looking forward to creative and progressive developments at life and work. The individual canvases were taken by each participant with them, as souvenirs and positive reminders of the experience and the outcomes.

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