Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching Approach

At The Painted Sky, we undertake Executive Coaching assignments for our clients who have managerial authority and responsibility in an organization. We work with clients across industries, to help them rise to the challenges at work, fulfill their true potential and achieve greater success and satisfaction, through our successful Executive Coaching practice.

Our approach, using the ICF "Eclectic" method, leverages research-based tools and techniques, which are tested and proven to bear better results. It is a powerful and structured process through which the client is helped to identify and address self-limiting beliefs and skill gaps that hinder progress towards goal achievement. This leads to change and transformation that a client aspires, which emanates from asking right questions, rather than providing right answers.

Potential coachees can include members of the CXO suite or their direct reports. Initially, the objective is often to groom them for further responsibility and/or develop them to become even more effective in their current roles. Specific objectives can be defined during the pre-coaching discussion. We use powerful tools like the 360-degree feedback process to gather confidential about the coachee from concerned stakeholders to identify strengths and development areas, the PERFECT model to evaluate and ascertain need areas, and also employ the GROW model for structuring the overall process, among other tested methods.

The initial coaching relationship is usually for 6 months, with up to four, weekly conversations each month. The details of each session are confidential between the coach and the coachee. A review meeting can be held with the coachee, the coach and the organization sponsor once each quarter.