Innovation Coaching Certification Program

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As the need for Innovation grows, the need for Innovation Coaching grows with it…

  • Huge demand for Innovation in industry
  • Growing Need for Internal Coaches
  • The ability to coach others is an essential skill for leadership
  • The ability to coach others is considered an essential need for employee growth
  • Innovation output of organizations is directly proportional to business performance

Innovation Coaching is the space of Dual Mastery for leaders to strive for: to be an exceptional innovator and be able to coach others to innovate better. Innovation Coaching, therefore, leads to better innovation output for companies, and improved products and processes, and of course, customer satisfaction and revenues.

Why Certification in Innovation Coaching is Essential for Growth

There is a huge demand from industry, for a BUSINESS FOCUSED, CORPORATE OBJECTIVE ORIENTED program that leads to ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE and PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. The Certified Innovation Coach will be best placed to address the needs of industry.

For The Individual

For The Organisation

The Certified Innovation Coach :

  • is an EXPERT IN INNOVATION and acts as the prime source of inspiration for innovation in a company.
  • is an EXPERT IN EXECUTIVE COACHING and helps an individual or team with tools and resources to improve its processes and output.
  • challenges the importance of traditional practices and ways of thinking. This results in the evolution of new perspectives, leading to discovery of creative approaches to meet business goals. Such a coach boosts creativity and collaboration, communication and co-creation.

Two Key Focus for Innovation Coaching

1. Innovation Impetus

Learn the most advanced philosophies, principles and processes for Innovation. Develop the Mindsets and Attitudes need for a good innovator, deep dive to learn Design Thinking as the Process for innovation, and master the Skills needed to innovate at scale.

2. Coaching Competencies

Get trained in Executive Coaching, master the 3 elements: Non–Directive, Goal–Oriented and Performance-Driven Coaching. Develop the 8 key Competencies (as per ICF) through extensive practice and application.

The ICCP Program is delivered through a mix of Virtual and Physical classes. The learning sessions are both Synchronous and Asynchronous, spread over 64 hours, and divided in 6 modules. The learning is Simulation based with active Project application, peppered with exciting Field work with Live coaching opportunities. The participants also gets access to over 20 real world Business Cases, enjoy 3 Industry Expert interactions, and work with 100+ ‘subscription only’ articles and reference materials.