About us

The Painted Sky

The Painted Sky is a Bangalore-based People Development organization, focusing on various high-end, differentiated Behavioral and Skill development programmes. In a world tired of the same old hackneyed class-room or outdoor offerings, The Painted Sky is the pioneer to launch Art-Based corporate training initiatives in India, which aim at offering companies uniquely differentiated experiential programs to help foster employee creativity, innovation, team spirit and emotional intelligence.

Art-based training methods create a bonding experience that facilitates collaboration and communication, brings down barriers, and accelerates creative problem-solving. Around the world, Art-Based Trainings are changing the way the world is looking at improving performance, overcoming skill gaps, transforming behaviours and achieving strong results. Art-Based Trainings are allowing participants identify, understand and appreciate themselves, their colleagues and their environment better, for greater effectiveness and empathy.

Some key processes, approaches and methodologies that we work with, based on the objectives of the programme and the relevance to the outcome:

  • Design Thinking

  • Mind Maps

  • Transaction Analysis

  • NLP

  • Psychodrama

  • Theatre of the Oppressed

  • LEGO Serious Play (with Trivioquadrivio, Italy)

  • MAPPS (with Trivioquadrivio, Italy)

Our trainings have been run across 9 countries, from the USA to Italy, from Singapore to China, from Muscat to India. For over a hundred corporate clients. Over 300 Art-Based workshops, for 1500+ participants. Using Painting, Theatre and Music. Over 300 Art-Based workshops, for 1500+ participants. Using Painting, Theatre and Music.

Our Art-Based programmes helped clients and participants to

  • Think Creatively, Challenge Barriers, Develop Innovative Mindsets

  • Develop Communication

  • Improve Collaboration

  • Build Respect & Trust

  • Develop Emotional Intelligence

  • Enhance the ability to Manage Conflicts

  • Negotiate better

  • Develop Problem Solving Mindsets

  • Art-Based Events

We train across industries and levels, as our people-focused and evolved approach finds great resonance with progressive organizations seeking novel approaches to address L&D challenges. We also have ICF certified Executive Coaches in our team, to help clients work on their individual learning agendas, and overcome skill gaps and self-limiting behaviours.

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