Design Thinking

"Across the world, Design Thinking is changing the way we look at Problems, explore Opportunities, and seek out Solutions..."

In a world that needs innovation and well-run companies, Design Thinking is an approach to problem solving that allows us to combine right-brain creative thinking with left-brain analytical thinking.

What is Design Thinking

Design Thinking, or Human Centred Design, is a powerful philosophy that places Empathy at the centre of every process. In this approach, Stakeholders (customers, colleagues, vendors...anyone) are the key - Design Thinking looks at solving problems keeping the stakeholder needs in mind.

Design Thinking is about Problem Finding - using Abductive Thinking, design thinkers step back to discover and understand possible opportunities to solve and enhance experiences.

This approach is now most successful in solving complex problems around the world - from building better products and efficient processes to improving lives of people. Companies that apply Design Thinking approaches to problem solving often outperform more conventional companies by over 200% in the stock markets.

While there are multiple models of Design Thinking in vogue, the most popular comes from Stanford University and involves 5 steps:

1. Empathise

2. Define

3. Ideate

4. Prototype

5. Test

Design Thinking, from The Painted Sky

The Painted Sky, in collaboration with UBQT Design Thinking School, is proud to bring unique Programmes to address various Training and People Development needs through the Design Thinking methodology. These programmes are exciting, experiential and empowering, helping participants learn and apply the concepts and tools in their daily functions. All programmes are run by Certified Design Thinking experts with industry experience.

Our Design Thinking approach is ideally suited to understanding not just what people do, but why they do what they do. We help people discover unmet emotional, psychological, and functional needs that shape behaviours, setting the stage for breakthroughs and building the foundation for new products, systems, services, and more. The process is structured, interactive, collaborative and fun, and focuses on generating real time solutions that can transform businesses and experiences.

We have been running Design Thinking programs and projects since 2011, for clients across industries and geographies. This led us to launch UBQT Design Thinking School, Asia's first dedicated school for Human Centred Design. At UBQT, we run Design Thinking and Innovation programs, as well as programs linked to exciting spaces like Product Management, Agile etc.

5 Reasons to work with The Painted Sky

1. Pioneers in Design Thinking training in India : 8 years of helping over 70 companies and over 5000 participants learn and apply Design Thinking to their work, and lives.

2. Real World Experience : Not Theoreticians: each Design Thinking facilitator and coach brings over 15 years of corporate work experience across industries and geographies.

3. Design Thinking practitioners : Each facilitator and coach has experience in applying Design Thinking ON THE GROUND, in diverse projects.

4. Design Creds : Each facilitator and coach is certified in Design Thinking from international institutes of repute.

5. Facilitation Excellence : not just experts but also expert facilitators and coaches, to bring the learning to life in classrooms, to make the experience meaningful and high impact.

How We Engage

We have deep experience in helping clients apply Design Thinking to

1. Change thinking from product or process centric to people centric

2. Transform organisation Culture and create Strategy

3. Improve Customer, Employee and other stakeholder experiences

4. Create Products and Services that succeed

5. Solve complex problems and improve performance and productivity

We run 2-hour overviews to 6-9 month consulting engagements with clients. Our engagement can be through Training, Consulting or Teaching (at UBQT Design Thinking School)


At The Painted Sky, our Design Thinking based programmes are helping in Creative Problem Solving to seek new solutions to workplace opportunities and challenges. Enabling Sales teams to develop greater Customer Centricity, to understand needs and deliver better results. Empowering Leaders with greater Insights and Ideas to adapt to and manage Change better in a VUCA world. And helping various functions develop Empathy and Focus to manage Stakeholder issues with greater finesse and sophistication. And we are adding our unique Art-Based processes to augment and galvanise these programme, through Painting, Theatre, 3D Modelling, Lego Bricks and other methods. The final programme design and results are high on impact, deep in insights and full of powerful learnings.


We have formed a new consulting firm, UBQT, (short for 'ubiquity'), which offers clients Consulting Services in the space of Design Thinking, helping them create User-Centred solutions. We help clients understand through extensive research the needs, interests, fears and desires of Stakeholders, whether Customers or Colleagues, Stakeholders or Students. Then, based on research and insights, we help clients innovate and develop solutions that help address those needs and interests. We work extensively for Learning teams to identify Training needs (something we had briefly discussed when we had met last time), retail chains, real estate companies, technology service providers and others.


At our partner UBQT Design Thinking School, Asia's first school for Human Centred Design, we run various courses and programmes to evangelise the idea of Good Design for Everyone. We bring courses for non-designers to help them understand what an Empathy-Based, Prototype-Driven approach to innovation and problem solving can look like.

Our Clients