Leadership Programme Development

Leadership Programme Development

At The Painted Sky, our focus is to help our clients develop cutting-edge Leadership Skills and Managerial Abilities. Our various programmes are aimed at addressing skill gaps and self-limiting behaviours of participants. These experiential journeys engage participants deeply through activities, exercises, role plays and simulations, as well as expose them to the latest ideas and industry best practices.

With 12 years of experience in Leadership Development across 10 countries, we offer programmes in 5 broad areas:

1. Design Thinking 

2. Inclusion & Diversity

3. Personal Effectiveness

4. Communication for Impact

5. Leadership Excellence

While many of these programmes leverage Arts-Based methods, all are deeply experiential, leading to better introspection, understanding and application.

Design Thinking

"The main tenet of design thinking is empathy for the people you're trying to design for. Leadership is exactly the same thing - building empathy for the people that you're entrusted to help"
 - David Kelley, Founder of IDEO

Programme NameObjectives & Outcomes
DT101: Design Thinking Bootcamp
Deep Dive into Design Thinking through Simulations, understand the philosophy, the process and the applications of Human Centred Design
2 days
Innovation, By Design
Overview of Design Thinking through Simulations for an understanding and appreciation.
1 day
Design Dive
Experience Design Thinking through exciting and engaging simulations.
2 - 4 hours

Inclusion & Diversity

"We need diversity of thought in the world to face the new challenges."
- Tim Berner-Lee

Programme Name
Objectives & Outcomes
Unconscious Bias
A programme that helps a mixed group of participants. uncover their biases, work powerfully through theatre- based activities to look at systemic issues and address concerns within the organization. In the end participants come up with insights and actions to build a more inclusive workplace.
4 - 6 hours
In Her Own Right
A powerful workshop that helps women look at self- limiting beliefs, develop assertive communication, practise networking and speaking out in public, and develop strategies to grow their careers
2 days
Being You
This long duration programme provides women the space to nurture, sharpen and grow their inner potential by exploring self, understanding their own barriers and finding ways to build their resilience. This programme is delivered through a mix of trainings using EI, NLP and Theatre, along with individual coaching and feedback sessions in between trainings. The format of group work also allows women to open up and form a community for support and information
6 Sessions of 4 hours each spread over 3 months

Personal Effectiveness

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."
 - Albert Einstein

Programme Name
Objectives & Outcomes
Growth Mindset and Career Success
This program helps participants understand the changing paradigms of success, education and work through understanding the mindsets they have. They get to prepare a plan on how to change by learning alternative approaches, using live examples of true growth mindset. The workshop covers tools for organizing self, critical thinking, setting goals and decision making.
2 days
Thinking Traps and Resilience
The workshop focuses on helping individuals identify their pattern of thinking and then building resilience to break that loop and get out of the trap. It helps them develop the ability to do well in times of stress and urgency.
4 hours
Personal Narratives
A workshop that helps participants convert their personal stories to inspire others. A good tool for leaders who can convert their struggles into "hero's journeys", to motivate and influence.
4 hours
BluePrint your Life
A programme that uses art, Visual Thinking and Appreciative Inquiry methods to look at the changing world and find common values and goals to develop synergies in thought and action with the larger organizational context.  It helps participants envision their future, create a road map and work towards their success.
4 hours - 1 day
Perceptual Positions
This short duration workshop introduces a psychology tool that helps participants understand self and others better. It helps in building empathy, develop an open outlook that leads to an aha moment, and helps them resolve differences with others
4 hours
Functional Fluency
A workshop that brings to life a powerful tool from Transactional analysis that is used to help participants develop a flexible approaches to their communication, handle stakeholders better, resolve conflicts and create better relationships going forward.
1 day

Communication for Impact

"You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can't get them across, your ideas won't get you anywhere."
 - Lee Iacocca

Programme Name
Objectives & Outcomes
Presentation Prowess
An intermediate level programme for managers who are new to Powerpoint, offering practice-based learning of design and delivery essentials. The practice and exercise driven approach helps participants learn how get their messages across with impact.
2 days
Beyond the Slide
A high impact, practice-based programme aimed at developing advanced presentation skills, focusing on using visual aids and design techniques, to Develop, Design and Deliver any content to any audience to get desired outcomes.
2 days
A workshop to build Empathy through better Listening, Observing and Questioning skills - look for underlying messages and values and beliefs to understand stakeholder
1 day
Story Telling for Business
An experiential, tool-based and activity-oriented programme that helps participants understand and appreciate the need to be better story-tellers at work and in life, and learn the fundamental tools and techniques for effective, high-impact stories that they can practise and master.
1 day
Woo2Win - Stakeholder Management
The programme is aimed at managers working with various customers (internal, external, vendor, agencies, requestors etc.), to help them build on their Influencing skills. This programme aims at defining the space where present-day Influencing take place, and allows for skill-building through discussions, activities, games and practice, to ensure that participants can improve their negotiation and assertiveness skills to address all audiences
2 days
Communication Coaching
A customized long duration intervention with specific focus areas. This comprises a mix of training, written and reading assignments, group coaching sessions and pre and post assessments
6 - 12 half day sessions

Leadership Excellence

"Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things."
- Peter Drucker

Programme Name
Objectives & Outcomes
Leaders as Coaches
A programme that helps developing internal coaches and mentors in an organisation, with processes and tool-kits that help teams and individuals reach professional and personal success. Participants also  practice coaching to improve on skill and impact.
2 days
Emotional Intelligence at Work
A powerful programme based on Daniel Goleman's "Five Pillars", leveraging various art-based and Transaction Analysis techniques, helping develop understanding and strategies for behaviors and actions at work.
2 days
Personal Leadership
A workshop for young managers comprising EI, Thinking Traps and Mindsets, Assertive Behavior and Influencing Skills, helps participants understand the attributes that are required for becoming a good leader, the value of communication and ways of building credibility and trust.
3 days
Feedback Skills
A programme  that helps participants understand the importance of timely and constructive feedback focusing on behaviors and facts. It looks at applying EI in understanding self and others, demonstrating empathy while following process.
1 day
Interviewing Skills
A programme on understanding and developing skills for conducting interviews. Using the STAR approach and BEI, removing biases and assumptions and conducting competence based interviews
2 days
Agree 2 Disagree
A conflict resolution workshop that looks at values of a team, identifies and isolates causes for conflicts and builds towards finding solutions, through Art-Based simulations and theatre tools
2 days
Transform  - Change Management
An experiential workshop that helps participants adapt to change personally and drive change within their organizations. The programme introduces them to several change management models both at personal and organization level and develop strategies that would fit best in the current scenario.
2 days
The New Manager Series
A development centre which focuses on the core competencies required for an emerging leader, helps them develop the same through a mix of training, coaching, on job application and assessments. The programme is designed in consultation with the client based on the top priorities of learning
4 months
Executive Presence
A development journey for leaders to enhance their executive presence and visibility in their companies. The programme is designed with a mix of training and one on one coaching sessions. The methodology includes theatre, story- telling, elevator pitch and other models for skill building in addition to self-reflection,building confidence and a mindset for success
3 months

For bespoke programmes to address your specific needs, please get in touch. We will be happy to help!