Assesment Centers

The hiring process can be tiring, and sometimes it gets really difficult to select the right person for the job. To ease this process we present to you- assessment centers - through which we help you identify top talent worldwide.

The Painted Sky’s assessment centers contain a variety of testing techniques designed to allow candidates to demonstrate, under standardized conditions, the skills and abilities that are most essential for success in a given job.

Assessment steps:

  • In-Basket Exercise or Group Discussion

  • Competency Based Interview

  • Role Play

  • Psychometric Assessment

Our offering:

  • In-Basket Exercise or Group Discussion

  • A report containing the results

  • A Psychometric Assessment (Optional)

The Painted Sky Approach:

  • In-Basket Exercise: It is widely used across the organizations which accurately tests the knowledge, skill behavior.
    Some of the behaviours in the basket method are as follows:
    •Speed and accuracy
    •Analysis of information
    •Decision making
    •Management time
    •Evaluation of situations
    •Effective use of time

  • In - Basket Group Discussion: To know about the abilities and skills of the competencies and also to see how the competencies work.
    * To see the leadership skills in the competency
    * To see the confidence
    * To check the strength of the character
    * To see how the competency would consider other opinions
    * Logical arguments
    * Strong communication skills
    * Teamwork
    * Commercial awareness

  • Competency-Based Interviews: Some of the key elements of competency-based interviews:
    * Communication
    * Conflict resolution
    * Decisiveness
    * Independence
    * Flexibility
    * Adaptability
    * Problem-solving
    * Resilience
    * Organization
    * Teamwork

  • Role-play exercises help employers observe competencies demonstrated by employees and see how would they cope up with the work situation.
    * Work under pressure
    * Assertiveness
    * Achieving goals
    * Customer focus
    * Interpersonal effectiveness